Please note: For calculating the maximum image dimensions, we assume a viewing distance of three meters at 60 dpi. Based on this standard, we guarantee a high-resolution result. If your premises allow a smaller viewing distance, the dpi can be increased individually. The maximum image size is reduced accordingly.

All prices refer exclusively to the image and are directly related to a printing service at PONGS®. Costs for textiles, profiles, assembly and accessories are not included.

The purchased motif is not available to you as a download file, but will be prepared for printing exclusively in our in-house digital printing department to protect the artist and copyright.

Price will be calculated individually with the artist for the offer upon request. The initial price for this artist’s images is currently around €20 per square meter. Please don’t forget to state the image number you are interested in.

max. dimensions

510 x 340 cm



size range

250 – 350 cm