Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about ordering and buying from PRINTERIEUR®?
Below you will find a selection of frequently asked questions.
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Question How does PRINTERIEUR® by PONGS® work ?
AnswerWith PRINTERIEUR® you can find high quality images for high quality prints. Just search our gallery and find the perfect image for you. Note down the corresponding number of the image and contact our sales department directly. From there our professional team will make sure to prepare your chosen image for printing as soon as possible.
Question What is the maximum size of the printed images?
AnswerFor calculating the maximum image dimensions, we assume a viewing distance of three meters at 60 dpi. Based on this standard, we guarantee a high-resolution result.
Question Is a smaller viewing distance less than three meters also possible?
AnswerIf your premises only allow a smaller viewing distance, the dpi can be increased individually. The maximum image size is reduced accordingly.
90 dpi – 2 meters viewing distance
180 dpi – 1 meter viewing distance
Question Where can I download my chosen images?
AnswerThe purchased motif is not available to you as a download file, but will be prepared for printing exclusively in our in-house digital printing department to protect the artist and copyright.
Question What if my ceiling or wall is smaller than 100 cm in any dimension?
AnswerSince our price calculation starts at 1 m2, smaller dimensions are possible but will not reduce the starting price per sqm.